Rolling Stone – Lucha Underground Wrestling


I photographed wrestlers for an article about Robert Rodriguez’s wrestling show Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. During the show, a wrestler named Vampiro broke a long fluorescent tube light over Pentagon Jr’s head, and shards of glass went flying

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Shut The F*ck Up And Let Me Help You


“This is what happens when you don’t let me see my cat.” Jane pulls back her hospital bracelet to reveal two giant scars on her wrist. I cringe and look at the nurse. She doesn’t react, but instead slides a

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  • 10th Aug, 2015
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Comment Sections: Where Humanity Is Lost


Moderate them or get rid of them. It’s the perfect environment for stupidity to flourish. It lacks any civil discussions or rational debate. It can raise your blood pressure or ruin your day and make you say, “Fuck you” aloud

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  • 9th Apr, 2015
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


I went to Mexico. I ate some tacos and took a bunch of photos. I went whale watching and some girl on our raft started puking and passing out, so a rescue boat picked her up. She could totally be

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  • 18th Feb, 2015
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The Finish Line: My Racecar Days In Kalamazoo


My first car was a stick-shift. I learned to drive that thing within the first hour of getting it. I loved blasting my Wu-Tang Forever CD and pretending I was a racecar driver through the desolate streets of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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I Want My Best Friend Back (Part 3)


(This essay originally appeared on Flip Collective) *** A month passed and things were starting to calm down. I packed up our Koreatown apartment and brought Jane her things. It was almost as moving out of our apartment cured Jane.

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  • 5th Feb, 2015
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