I Want My Best Friend Back (Part 1)

Originally posted on FlipCollective The 101 Freeway. Bad traffic. On the radio, the quiet hum of NPR’s All Things Considered talking about kids eating laundry pods and getting sick, because kids are idiots.… Continue reading

It’s Time To Burn Your Bras Again

(Originally posted on The Style Con) I always thought bras were meant to keep breasts perky while we age. I honestly don’t really need to wear a bra, but I assume wearing one… Continue reading

Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands: Crooner, Dancer, Rapper?

Originally posted on The Style Con During the summer of 1999, I spent at least twelve hours a day downloading music from Napster. At one point my dad thought I was “on drugs” because… Continue reading

Kendall Jenner Models for Estee Lauder and the World Snores

(Original article posted on The Style Con) Guess who’s the newest face of Estee Lauder? I’ll give you a hint: she’s popular, boring looking, and her older sister is naked in Paper Magazine… Continue reading

It’s Hard To Be Interesting When You’re Not Miserable

(Original article posted on The Style Con) The greatest artists in the world were clinically depressed: Picasso conceived an entire collection of artwork around his sadness; his “Blue Period” was paintings of miserable people… Continue reading

Twitter Guilt and the Art of the Unfollow

I follow 966 people on Twitter and 395 on Instagram. That’s way too many to keep up with every joke, brunch photo, and link to the Hollywood Reporter announcing your book deal and… Continue reading

I went to Utopia and made out with a guy

Recently, I’ve been watching Utopia on FOX.  The first episode introduced 15 people who were chosen to live in a “utopia” for a year.  The only thing they could bring was a small… Continue reading

A man cheated on his wife with me… and she wrote a book about it.

I was 22—fresh out of the Midwest living in LA, optimistic as hell, and still had my lip pierced. The first job I had here was at a camera store. It was was… Continue reading

Stop Googling Your Dates

I SHOULD really take my own advice on this one.  The Internet can completely sabotage your life and make you look like a horrible crazy person. For example — the first page of… Continue reading

Getting Future Islands Tickets Is Always More Important Than Modeling

“This looks just like my prom dress!” the freckly 18-year-old model from Chicago said. I listened to her bubbly voice as I sat on the plastic IKEA chair in my nude thong and… Continue reading

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