The Radiohead Connection

Some people believe in God, but I believe in music. No, I’m not a hippy- those people don’t wash their hair or have jobs, and I’m pretty sure they smell like dirt. I’m just a fan of music. To say it’s my religion is an understatement, whereas the most blissful occasions of my life have been while listening to music with my pals. It’s an indescribable feeling that most people have experienced. I’m not alone with this declaration. If I believed in a higher being it would be the music gods, but that’s silly and ridiculous.

I spent this past week in New York watching 3 Radiohead shows. Each one was like a dream, I couldn’t grasp the reality that I was in the same room with Thom Yorke and the boys until the shows were over. They are more than a band- they are like a drug. People obsess over them, myself included, scouring the internet for rare b-sides and refreshing hundreds of times the second tickets go on sale. I nearly had a panic attack the day their NYC shows were announced because I knew acquiring tickets would be incredibly difficult. Every Radiohead fan in NYC wanted a chance to experience a live show; it’s literally paradise. The songs you listen to in your car while driving to work or on your iPod headphones staring at strangers sitting across from you on the subway day after day are now transmitting into your ears directly from the deity.

I traded my Portishead tickets to see Radiohead at the Colbert Report. It was WELL worth it. My friend Jason, his gal, and myself made friends with an amazing guy closely attached to the band and scored wristbands to the shows at Roseland. Anthony and I had a connection through a NYPD officer who guided us through the basement of Roseland for the Wednesday show, we seriously thought a rough shanking was in our future, I felt like I was in a deleted scene from Goodfellas. Everything tends to work itself out when you really want it to. At the shows I saw a lot of acquaintances from my days in LA which made me happy. Both 2 hour-long shows were absolutely perfect. They played Street Spirit- which is the first song that got me interested in the band when I was a mere 14 years old. It’s also so very incredible to me how an affinity between 2 people can be made just from listening to live music. You look at someone and smile, because you know they’re experiencing the same excitement as yourself. I couldn’t have asked for a better week.

Now it’s Saturday and I’m back to my real life- setting up payments for student loans and doing laundry. What a complete fucking drag. Although a little birdie told me Radiohead will be touring very soon, until then I’ll just listen to The Bends…

3 thoughts on “The Radiohead Connection”

  1. One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain!

    Third times the charm. You have so much in common with’s humor. Your subject matter is perfect and your self awareness is shocking.
    Here is an article about radiohead that mindfucks you…

    or at least is a little amusing.

    Please write more
    Much Love Stetter

  2. Dropped by for ‘Brian’, stayed for an entry containing Radiohead, Portishead and Goodfellas references. Kudos.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. Portishead? Radiohead?? Seinfeld??? Mention Sublime, Beastie Boys and Kinder chocolate, and we’ll be BFFS 🙂 and yes Radiohead are awesome, I thought I was going crazy when I heard Paranoid Android live.

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