Stop Googling Your Dates


I SHOULD really take my own advice on this one. 

The Internet can completely sabotage your life and make you look like a horrible crazy person. For example — the first page of my Google search results is a total f*cking nightmare. Being a female writer with an opinion and a controversial ex-boyfriend never results in pleasant search results. Living your life on the Internet has its ups and downs. I’ve experienced both first hand, and most of the time I want to crawl into a cave in the middle of nowhere and break my iPhone in half.  Too bad that guy from Into The Wild isn’t around anymore, he really had a good thing going for him.

I met a guy IN REAL LIFE (crazy, right?) and we became Facebook friends, casually chatting about Radiohead and British Comedies. His band was playing at the Yosemite Music Festival, which I planned to attend with my sister and her boyfriend who live right outside of Yosemite, and we made plans to say hello and have a drink… (read more)

One thought on “Stop Googling Your Dates”

  1. We probably shouldn’t… but we just can’t help not doing it. My highpoint was last month successfully googling a stranger I met on a train platform even though I didn’t know her full name. Result. Or super-creepy. I’m still not quite sure which yet.

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