It’s Time To Burn Your Bras Again

(Originally posted on The Style Con)

I always thought bras were meant to keep breasts perky while we age. I honestly don’t really need to wear a bra, but I assume wearing one is better than not wearing one.

A guy once said to me, “Why do you always wear a bra? You look hot without one.”

Thank you, guy, but I wear one because I don’t want gross saggy boobs when I’m 60. He then told me there is no medical, health, or physical benefit to wearing a bra. I immediately called bullshit and googled this nonsense. He was right. According to this article from Medical News Today, a study from Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon in France (francy) showed that women aged 18-35 who went braless for a year had nipples on average seven millimeters higher in relation to their shoulders each year than regular bra users.

How could this be?!? That makes no sense!

Apparently wearing a bra causes the muscles that hold up the breasts to weaken, therefore causing breasts to sag over time.  That makes perfect sense, right?

Their breasts were also firmer and had fewer stretch marks. There was also no evidence that bras helped with back pain. Apparently you can damage your breasts by wearing the wrong bra size. Why the hell didn’t I know this?!? Obviously older women with larger chests may not be comfortable without bras, but it is a nice perk for us smaller chested women. Nonetheless, bras shouldn’t be a requirement and if a woman doesn’t want to wear one it’s her personal preference.

I could never go braless at the gym or while playing basketball. Running with boobs is already a pain. But I’ve been leaving my bras in my closet for the past few weeks and I’m really, really enjoying it. Unless I have an audition where I have to be “hot girl at party” then I wear the shit out of a push-up bra because I live in Hollywood and my small chest is not preferable for the people casting a Miller Lite commercial.

We’ve grown so accustomed to looking at women in bras that when a woman doesn’t wear a bra it’s distracting. She’s often seen as slutty, too. It’s a shame that we have to worry about what our boobs look like in public.

I thought I’d feel really weird not wearing a bra, but I think it makes me feel slightly more confident.  I mean, Keira Knightly said she doesn’t like wearing bras either, and she’s the perfect woman.

Also, side boob is still in, right? I’m really into side boob.



One thought on “It’s Time To Burn Your Bras Again”

  1. I hate bras. I’m totally on board. I don’t need one either. It’s just that my nipples are always erect and I feel obscene without a bra. Which I resent. Get over my nipples, everyone!

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