Dating In Your 30s: Ugh

A friend of mine was telling me about the two years he spent online dating in San Francisco. He went on hundreds of dates, which is the actual definition of Hell for me. He’s very outgoing and has tons of energy (he checks into Soul Cycle at 6am every day according to his Facebook page) so this wasn’t at all surprising to me, but just hearing the phrase “online dating” gives me exhaustion.… Read more

“So, what do you do?”

“So, what do you do?”

I used to dread this question. I’d mumble something like, “I kind of write sometimes and I’m a semi-retired model, what do you do?” Deflecting attention off myself was a constant mission. I never wanted to talk about my life because it never seemed as interesting as what everyone else was doing.… Read more

Standing up for the “crazy cat lady” in this age of progression

(This article originally appeared on Hello Giggles)

The cat lady: lonely, mid-thirties, has two or more cats, at least one cat-themed item of clothing, and spends a lot of time reading about cats’ behavioral patterns online. Did you know if a cat’s tail is shaped like a question mark they want to play with you?… Read more