I Went To A Bikini Casting That Felt Like An Episode Of “Entourage”

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I’ve been lucky enough to avoid the more shady stuff that happens within the entertainment industry of LA. My agency sifts through all the commercial AND print jobs and only sends me on legit castings, but sometimes it’s hard for them to know what happens at every single casting studio in LA.… Read more

45 Percent Of Men Orgasm In Under Two Minutes And I’m Totally Okay With That

There's my butt.  Deal with it.  Photo courtesy of Me In My Place

There’s my butt.  Deal with it.  Photo courtesy of Me In My Place


Nearly half of all men in the world climax with two minutes, according to a study done by Dr. Harry Fisch, author of a new book called “The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grownups.” He also says most women need an average of 5-7 minutes of vaginal penetration to reach orgasm.… Read more

I Don’t Know How To Wear Anything Other Than Black And White

I think I see some blue pants?
I think I see some blue pants?


I love shopping and fashion. I look at all the new collections each season and pick out which pieces are my favorite.

When it comes to buying designer items, I’m very cautious with what I pick because it’s usually expensive and I want it to last a while.… Read more

You are NOT selling your arms, you are selling the clothes!

I should probably be in LA right now going on commercial auditions and working on writing submissions for those shows that seem like they’ll never hire me, but I’m in New York. My bank account needs me to be here. It’s lovely as shit today.… Read more

It’s Really F***ing Hot in NYC

More castings, more waiting.
More castings, more waiting.
I switched birth control pills a few weeks ago to a brand that my insurance covers because I’m sick of paying $100 a month to not have children.  I already get super emotional the week I’m off the pills, but switching to different ones made me extra super woman-y. … Read more