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  1. You have the entire internet cracking up. Good job, good effort. I hope Chris Brown’s fans leave you alone.

  2. Assuming what you have tweeted is true, he is a liar and a hypocrite. I am not convinced he deserves any more than being told as much. There are many, many like him. There’s something disagreeable about publicly jeopardising his marriage and his career, without a second thought. Cui bono?

  3. You are a fucking cunt for doing this, the internet doesnt give a fuck about Brian but this made you seem like the most pretentious passive aggressive bitch on the world.

    1. You got it wrong Anonymous. He did a pretty great job of making himself look like a cheating jerk, she just documented it.

    2. Brian? Is that you? This comment was clearly written by a chauvinist. And what, she made herself seem like all that by tweeting about some skeevy moron who was hitting on her? Please. You really need to get over all of your issues, man.

    3. Anonymous’ vitriol and attack upon Melissa’s femininity is mean and absurd. She is neither of those words you called her and she does not seem passive aggressive at all. I would not have tweeted it personally but I am older. I understand how annoying it is to be hit on by married men or to be verbally assaulted when I refused a man’s arrogance. In this case, her fans were able to keep this young woman aware of the truth and protected her from someone who was struggling with deception at the time. You, anonymous, need some help too if you feel so free to be so hateful in your choice of words.

    4. What a sweet talker you are. You should use your eloquence to make a difference in the world. If only some of our diplomats could master your turn of phrase – we could finally have world peace!

  4. Why not just politely decline and move on? Why ruin soneone’s life? I hope karma catches up to you. May you never find happiness.

    1. Do you even know what happened? Melissa didn’t know who this dude was, she had no malicious intentions to “ruin his life”. One of her followers found a guy named Brian who was an actor and asked if that was the dude who was bothering her.
      By “ruining” that piece of crap’s life, Melissa probably made his wife and son’s lives better in the long run by exposing him for what he really is. If you don’t want people to know you’re scum then don’t flirt with girls on airplanes when you’re married. The internet lets us hold people and businesses accountable for their shittiness, that’s all Melissa did, how dare you try to make her feel guilty and wish unhappiness on her for that? The fuck is your problem?
      If you’re the kind of person who thinks preserving a lie somehow keeps happy lives intact, then you’re pretty naiive and in for a world of unhappiness yourself.
      Good day.

  5. There were two assholes in that conversation on the plane. He may have been a piece of crap, but you sank to his level or below, congrats.

  6. Seems pretty cunty to me too, to be honest. I’m not sure when alcohol relapse became a funny thing. So for that, I hope someone you love struggles with drugs. HAHAHAHA FUNNY RIGHT? Next time one of your family members is having issues in their life can you tweet about it so we can read about it?

    1. WTF? I don’t understand responses like this. I’m not a big fan of twitter-shaming folks, even if they deserve it, but it’s not like she did anything truly abhorrent. Brian dug his own grave. This is merely another consequence of his own actions that he’ll have to deal with. Responses like this one truly disgust me. If this is the tenor Brian’s defenders prefer, Brian is better off trying to get on with is life without them.

      1. um, no. brian dug his own rejection. brian dug his own “would you please shut up and leave me alone?”

        brian didn’t dig his own national humiliation. that’s called a disproportionate response. kind of like cooking someone’s pet rabbit b/c they don’t want to date you. or sentencing someone to 50 lashes b/c they put on makeup and walked around in public.

        melissa is a jerk b/c she didn’t have the guts to tell him she wasn’t interested. she just smiled and nodded her head every time he said something, and then put her version of it up on the internet.

  7. What a conceited bitch you are!!!
    His big crime was he had the nerve to talk to you on a flight so you shot him down live via twitter
    People like you shouldn’t actually be allowed to have any influence on the rest of humanity, i wish someone could revoke your internet priveleges for life!!
    You caused a shitload of hassel for this guy just cos you are an attention whore, maybe he hit on you but so fucking what? You are a model, you became a model so guys would hit on you…
    What dafuq?

    1. *Ahem*
      I’m not an expert on this whole modeling thing, but I’m positive that being a model isn’t about making guys hit on you.
      If you’re attractive enough to become a model then guys probably hit on you already, so why go that extra step?
      Also, I’m sure many people become models for many different reasons, so assuming you know hers–when you don’t even know her– is pretty ridiculous.
      TL;DR- You’re an idiot.

  8. You made the frontpage of reddit with this, and the top comment – which hits the nail on the head, IMO – is thus:

    “both parties strike me as pieces of shit

    oh, you’ve encountered an unpleasant person? let’s make thousands of people laugh at his expense! oh, he’s a relapsed alcoholic? even better! this is prime comedy material right here, let’s just forget it’s actually some dude’s really sad fucking life.”

    1. That’s not the top comment any more. And it doesn’t strike anything on the head.

      Brian was trying to cheat on his wife. Melissa was just tweeting her experience with him. He embarrassed himself. It was probably apparent that she wasn’t interested in his pickup lines, yet he kept on pushing.

      Let his God help him now.

      1. Perhaps instead of putting it out on tweet, call him out in person. She could have been the one to change the guy’s life for the better. Instead, he gets shamed. Granted he DID dig his own grave, but what about his child? If this ends in divorce, does Melissa take responsibility? I doubt it. It’s more important for her to stroke her own ego than to do the right thing.

  9. Man, people love to rage, lol. Hey, as a married man, if I flirt with a chick WITH MY RING ON then I get what’s coming. Also, if I get drunk on three beers, I’m gonna have a bad day…

  10. It’s easy to anonymously shame a man on the internet, but it’s almost always an overreaction. The harder thing to do would be to actually call this guy out, in person, and tell him what he is doing is wrong. He’d still learn his lesson, and his name wouldn’t be ruined forever. But no, Melissa is a coward.

    1. How is documenting reality cowardly? Maybe she could’ve handled it differently, but guess what? She’s a writer. You don’t have to follow her tweets. And she doesn’t have to pretend it didn’t happen.

  11. oh, you’ve encountered an unpleasant person? let’s make thousands of people laugh at his expense! oh, he’s a relapsed alcoholic? even better! this is prime comedy material right here, let’s just forget it’s actually some dude’s really sad fucking life.

    god forbid you would ask him politely to stop. a simple “i’m not interested” might have remedied the entire situation. instead, you continued to broadcast his lechery (and it is lechery, i don’t mean to defend this man) to your entire fanbase. seriously petty stuff.

  12. I would have just said “No thanks” instead of this.. what you did just makes you look like an even bigger douchebag. Sorry, it’s true.. but here’s your 15 minutes.

  13. You did the right thing. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what it feels like to be cheated on or lied to, or both! His wife was at home with his son and he was hitting on you and lying about his marriage.

  14. Calm down, Anon.

    This is funny, and it certainly sounds like the guy was a tool, but it’s a little disconcerting that we’re supposed to go around always being acutely aware that anyone holding a cell phone might be broadcasting our words, without our consent, to 20,000 people. That’s a pretty terrifying way to have to go through life.

    Everyone knows that “the internet is a thing that still exists,” Melissa. But hyper-vigilant attack-dog internet users ready to carpet-bomb somebody’s life at a moment’s notice are a relatively new phenomenon, and a frightening one. If this guy is going around hitting on other women and taking off his wedding ring, he’s obviously being duplicitous and creating dysfunction in his relationship, but what he deserves is for his wife to be told privately — not for his antics to be mockingly plastered onto every corner of the internet. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

    1. The guy led with the fact that he’s an actor and quasi-famous. If, as a married man trying pick up a girl, you LEAD with the fact that you’re a public figure, you shouldn’t be too surprised about getting publicly shamed about it.

  15. While I don’t condone his apparent lack of fidelity here, you may want to know you’re coming across as pretty attractive as well. Something to consider given your profession.

  16. A story of a “douche bag” awkwardly hitting on a woman that also happens to be a “douche bag” herself. Happens everyday almost everywhere.

  17. holy shit, you approved these nasty comments but you wouldn’t approve my very, very mild sarcasm? i want my comment published you mean diminisher. i feel so unenabled. :p

  18. There is no doubt that the guy is a disrespectful pig, but let him ruin his own life. He didn’t need anyone helping him and certainly not for the attention you are gaining for it; which you know was your goal. It’s too bad you chose to stoop to a similar level as him. You know it was wrong to play with someones life and, because of that, you should know that at some point your own conscious will make you pay for that decision.

  19. oh, you’ve encountered an unpleasant person? let’s make thousands of people laugh at his expense! oh, he’s a relapsed alcoholic? even better! this is prime comedy material right here, let’s just forget it’s actually some dude’s really sad fucking life.

    also, god forbid she would ask him politely to stop. a simple “i’m not interested” might have remedied the entire situation. instead, she continued to broadcast his lechery (and it is lechery, i don’t mean to defend this man) to her entire fanbase. seriously petty stuff.

  20. I agree with the last two comments. I don’t know you personally but I’m guessing you won’t mind me judging you on a few tweets : you are a massive douchebag. Its just too bad I don’t have 10 000 followers on twitter to make my opinion funny or important. Fuck you and the moral ambivalence you represent.

  21. Please do not listen to these uncouth d*bags above me on the comment list. Those tweets were pure gold. I am now a follower and hope to see many many more witty tweets. Please keep them coming. That was priceless and he totally deserved every tweet 🙂

  22. There’s this weird sexual thing on planes. As a guy, your antenna just picks its up, and sometimes it’s not even being transmitted. But if you want something enough your mind can make it true.

    On a redeye LAX>DET (don’t ask) flight I once made out with the very recent ex-gf of the singer of the band Lit. We were watching a movie, had a few beers, sharing a blanket and then we start making out.

    On a different flight (LAX>Seoul) I was offered an ambien by a stylishly dressed korean woman. Sure. I passed out, must’ve thought she was my girlfriend in my sleep, wake up and we’re making out, again under an airline blanket.

    After these two experiences anytime an attractive woman sits next to me I pretty much unbuckle my belt right then. But of course it’s never happened again, though I do get a little chatty sometimes like Brian did. He probably had a few experiences like I had before.

    And it’s 2012, let’s stop acting like we all think marriage is sacred. It’s sacred to individuals, but stop with this group fake outrage because he’s married.

  23. Aww look, anonymous people on the internet are getting their panties in a twist because of reasons!

    Well done, Melissa. You outed a hypocrite and showed the world who he really is. Ignore the backlash, you did the right thing.

  24. Brian is a sad sack of shit, but you are hardly any better. You are exploiting his sad, despicable life and awkward, messed-up hypocritical personality for personal gain and putting what little success he has had in jeopardy simply because he lets his dick do his thinking and he annoyed you a little bit on a plane. If he was a suicidal alcoholic before he scratched his way to some moderate success, who knows what will happen now that you’re done with him. You are not a nice person either. If you had any sense of true class, you would have turned him down and turned him off like a real woman knows how to do to a man she isn’t interested in. Instead you made one comment about his wife (which you didn’t even phrase in an accusatory manner and were instead very passive-aggressive) and expected him to give up immediately, and when he didn’t you realized you could exploit him publicly and destroy him for your own amusement instead. Like most models (male or female) I imagine you are pretty narcissistic and self-important, but you really let it shine with those tweets.

  25. So you didn’t want his advances and you knew he was married, so in response you ruined his life, marriage and career? Doesn’t that seem a bit disproportionate?

    Not to mention the fact that you’ve potentially ruined the lives of his wife and his child as well.

    The dignified thing to do would’ve been to clearly tell him you weren’t interested in him in that way, and then keep quiet about the whole thing.

    And who’s going to want to hire you now that they know you’d do something like this?

    1. Did you just get off the phone with him? Did he tell you about how he is sleeping on the couch and ready to wash down a handful of pills with a vodka tonic? I didn’t think so. You’re making an assumption that his life is ruined. I’d bet he’s doing just fine playing the pity card at home.

      1. And you, dear CoVO are making an assumption that what this silly little desperate girl says is not embellished, which, as is apparent, she is wont to due. Or, perhaps her desperate attempts to crawl out of the periphery by shacking up with anyone with a modicum of fame – Cumia, Blitznbeans? Who knows, who will honestly care in 5 days. Silly silly silly little girl with a pretty face and no maturity.

  26. We can only hope that you mess up somehow and get blasted on the internet. That shit stays for life u dumb cunt. It doesnt matter how wrong he was, you’re taking pleasure in watching others perish… I pity you

  27. Did you actually get the balls to say any of this to his face? Because then I wouldn’t think of you to be such a coward.

  28. This is so amazing. Not only did you put this asshole in his place, but hopefully helped his wife figure out what her husband was doing when she wasn’t around, if she hadn’t already figured it out. Not only was this hilarious, but you also did a little bit of good for womankind. Good job.
    Oh, and ignore all the hate your going to get. You didn’t jeopardize shit for him. That’s all on his shoulders. You just exposed him for what he truly is.

    1. What exactly did he do? Flirt on a plane? So what? Only a child would consider this a deal breaker. He didn’t proposition her. He just flirted. To be honest, none of what I read reaches the level of “hitting on.”

  29. Incorrect, Anonymous. This guy was creepin on her hard, and she told him to fuck off, with the entire internet. I’m sure there are a lot of ways in which you identify with Brian, smoothness of interaction with women chief among them I’m sure, but this slimy douche was not OWED a patient audience with the woman he was randomly seated next to. If this happened every time some creeper tried this, the world would be a much better place. Melissa, I don’t know you outside of this incident but within this narrow context, you are a bit of a hero over here right now!

  30. That was kinda mean spirited. You have no idea if they have an open marriage or some kind of shitty understanding and you just ruined his chance of acting in those shitty christian movies, and by doing that possibly destroying his only source on income.

    And for what? Quasi nternet fame coupled with false sense of moral superiority?

  31. Who gave you the right to butt in into someone’s else life like this? I really hope you’ll get the same in time.

  32. I adore you, fuck the haters.

    Are you surprised at how big this got? Would love to hear your thoughts of the aftermath of Fucking Brian.

  33. don’t listen to the haters, it’s just a bunch of cheaters who have their pants in a bunch cos one of their own got caught…

  34. you have to admit, it was kind of cold for you to name him instead of keeping him anonymous after you figured out he was married. i mean, you can trash the guy, but don’t mess up his wife’s and kid’s lives. but it’s easy to sit back and analyze after the fact. so whatever.

    1. I really wish people would stop accusing Melissa of ruining lives. The hyperbole is killing me, along with the fact that so many of you are okay with the douche enough to come to his defense. There is no defense for being a Douchenozzle. She may not have shown the greatest maturity or forethought, but all this mess is squarely in his lap. Dumbass.

    2. His wife and kid have the right to know; it’s kind of cold that you think the “nice” thing to do would be to keep them in the dark.
      Have you ever been lied to? I guess you wouldn’t want anyone to tell you if the person you were married to was actually a piece of shit.

  35. bad-mouthed a stranger publicly without bothering to confront him about your ‘issues’ with him. posted information about him without his knowledge. took photo of him while he wasn’t looking–worse, while he was sleeping! he looks bad, you look horrendous. this little stunt of yours says more about you than him, and now anyone can see what a shitty passive-aggressive fool you are–for eternity.

  36. oh, you’ve encountered an unpleasant person? let’s make thousands of people laugh at his expense! oh, he’s a relapsed alcoholic? even better! this is prime comedy material right here, let’s just forget it’s actually some dude’s really sad fucking life.

  37. Have you read the comments by the defenders yet? “She could have just made the whole thing up!” Right, cos it’s totally worth the time and effort to look up and smear random C-list actors. You’re hilarious, keep doing what you do.

  38. Brilliantly played Melissa! Brian deserved it, and this example may just save several thousands of marriages, forcing people to think about the path of destruction cheating leaves in its wake. And thanks to the Web, there will always be a reminder. Awesome. And as for Brian, if is this the extent of his acting skills my dog will be at the Oscars, nominated, next year. Seriously.

  39. loving the anon comment. that’s right, fuck anyone who would out a scoundrel and a liar! thanks for being funny & awesome, melissa!

  40. This.is.fucking.hilarious. Dude acts like a douche – witty woman remarks on said douchiness in a perfectly appropriate forum – woman is pretty – lots of men get REALLYREALLY mad at pretty woman because she will NEVER fuck them.

    FWIW, I loved that tweet stream, I had to follow Melissa…oh gawd, that is so damned funny.

  41. I think your second career has just jumped up out of the ether and bit you on the ass, I am talking about SNL, a movie, a book, the HuffPo story had me rolling, and several of your posts here also.

    1. Now this is simply put. It’s the truth, no matter how good it felt and still feels. Now, both of you go back to your respective careers, good luck, and think about it next time. Both of you. Brian needs a dose of reality & integrity. Melissa needs to look into her personal motives.

  42. When people say ‘bust-a-bitch’ (U-turn) this is who they refer to, cause the bitch will turn on you. Shiesty.

  43. How utterly ridiculous. Can a guy not have a conversation with a woman without her thinking he’s trying to pick her up? Did he ask for your number or to join the mile high club? To me this is an example of a prentenious girl with an over-inflated ego wanting attention with ‘quirky’ tweets. Ha but no. I have met lots of people that have found God and they love talking about divine intervention and how life is not a coincidence.

  44. Saw this story on facebook and thought was pretty funny, but disappointed on Brian’s behalf, after looking up your pics on google image. He obviously had one, twoooo many beers to want to hit on you. lols, & this is coming from a dude. Brian was clearly another man like many of us, who chose to listen to our dick than our mind. sigh

  45. I am sorry, but you are a bitch for doing this. Why didn’t you tell it to himself instead of putting this up on the internet. How do we know it’s true, you can ruin somebody. On the internet evidence does not count, the rumour is enough… unbelievable

  46. i’ve never heard of you, but this is a weak move. yeah he shouldn’t lie but you shouldn’t be such a bitch about everything little thing. typical arrogant “model”

  47. You’re awesome! Don’t listen to the sexist haters, apparently their English vocabulary is extremely limited to “bitch”, “cunt” (which is a compliment if you understand the origins of the word but obviously they don’t) and “attention whore”. They are terrible jealous that a beautiful woman with a funny personality isn’t worshiping them. Brian is a sleazy bag, plain and simple. Keep rocking on!

  48. Wrong for you to tweet that. I think you’re lying anyway. I doubt he would hit on you. Anthony Cumia? Seriously? I definitely don’t believe Brian hit on you. Somebody realllllly needs attention.

  49. I’m guessing the floodgates should open any minute now on this one. I don’t know you, but I thought this was great.

    Anyone should know that NOTHING they do is private anymore. If you want to cheat on your spouse, don’t bother doing it with someone who has a phone in their hand.

  50. You are not a nice person. Only shallow and hateful people think your tweets are amusing. The word at the top of your blog says it all, “Pretty Bored.” You might consider altering that to “Ugly Bored.” [How YOU are a model is a mystery.]

    1. Helpful hint…You may want to rethink you’re blogging name. Not exactly a great impression for the ladies.

      1. It’s not grammar, it’s spelling and multitasking. But if it will make you feel better on your “birfday” – YOUR, not YOU’RE. Feel better?

        1. take it easy, just trying to have a little fun. it’s possible to laugh with someone, you know. beside who picks a fight on his birfday? not me, anyway.

  51. I thought it was hilarous, until I saw the whole stream of messages. If you weren’t interested, you could’ve ended the conversation. He has issues and so do you, attention seeking, troubled, bored, spoiled, selfish little girl.

    1. Did she not end the conversation, by sitting there TWEETING the whole thing? If you are sitting on a plane, drinking beer, and coming on to someone, and she is sitting there thumbing away into TWEET land, might it not occur to you to ask, hmmm, I wonder who she is sending to, and what she is saying? One of the many funny things about the exchange is that he just says one strange thing after the other.
      OK, Melissa, did you omit your replies? Did you say, Gosh, that is fascinating, tell me more about yourself? Fess up, girl.

  52. This was actually really funny. He has no one to blame but himself. I don’t think you seemed pretentious or passive aggressive. Most women have been cornered at some point in their lives by an obnoxious douchebag who only wants to talk about himself. This guy doesn’t deserve a pass from mockery simply because he’s “famous.”

    1. cornered? you know, he could have been mocked w/o dragging his wife and kid into it. self-restraint works both ways.

  53. After Cumia punked you out, you are a scorned woman. How’s your shallow existence of a life working out for you?

  54. I’ve been cornered by many obnoxious female douchebags who only want to talk about themselves.

  55. Oh please, Brian is a hypocrite and how can exposing a hypocrite be wrong? If he hadn’t marketed himself as the Christian crusader family man this wouldn’t be news worthy. Let’s face it, if it had been Tommy Lee or Gerard Butler no one would bat an eyelid. If you’re going to sell the lie successfully, try living the lie because when the mask falls someone will be watching…and possibly tweeting.

  56. Haven’t you ever met a real-life Jesus freak? They’re weird. They say Jesus-y, Divine Inspiration-y, Fate-y, weird crap all the time.

    It is not far-fetched to think that this dude was just being his weirdo self.

    1. Yeah! Check out his facebook page from before all this broke. He really is a Jesus Freak. He talks about it all the time. Maybe he was just being his normal self.

      Doesn’t explain the beer tho.

  57. I must say that I don’t believe a word of this.

    However, I would definitely smash your back doors in, if that helps?

  58. Now Brian’s hot wife knows what he is and can go find a better guy instead of finding this out later after wasting her time with him for years. If you’re going to be depressed after cheating and drinking, don’t cheat and drink. Even Brian can put that together. Good work Melissa!

  59. I found your blog through this whole twitter thingy and I love your texts. You write very well and should consider writing a book. Especially the post about your relationship -I’m from Germany, so I have no idea who the guy is – is very moving, heartfelt and personal. I could really relate to you.
    About Brian the douche, well, what the haters don’t get is that a person who claims a higher moral standard for themselves (like e.g. a rightwing politician who is against gay marriage and shows his family on tv all the time and is then found sucking cocks somewhere – or a self-proclaimed CHRISTIAN who has JESUS in his words all the time and is nothing but a embarrassing loser who hits on other women while his wife and child are at home) has a higher fall when caught.
    Anyway, your tweets were hilarious, witty and funny as hell. You seem to be a nice person nonetheless, so I guess you wouldn’t do it again, if only to keep the shitstorm away from your page. But it also braught you a lot of new fans, like me.
    Take care
    Lisa xx

  60. this woman is wack, she tries to get attention like a groupie does, thats all … she mad because he plugged his ( look photo) his headet in his ears, turned his head arround and ignored her. thats how groupies do, making up stories with no background when they get ignored.

    1. Except she tweeted about him before she knew who he was–and the message conveyed was “this annoying idiot is annoying and idiotic.” Also, do you really think she’s a groupie to a guy she didn’t want to talk to and didn’t know from Adam until one of her followers told her who he was? Are you a groupie to homeless men who ask you for change?! After all, a lot of them are alcoholics with nervous, squinty eyes, just like good ol’ Brian.

  61. i’m astounded that so many people are sticking up for this guy. for the record, she didn’t out him, her followers figured it out based on his first name and a few of the ridiculous things he said. she’s not making fun of an alcoholic, she’s pointing out the disparity between the life this guy says he lives and what he showed her in person. it’s a lot easier to respect anonymity when the person in question is actually sober–you can’t hide wasted.

    also, i love how tweeting about a guy who lies about being married is somehow a douchebag thing to do, but coming to someone’s blog to call them a douchebag for doing it somehow isn’t. grow up people!

      1. 3 beers– he deserves humiliation. i can even handle 3 beer. plus also, she had no idea about his previous month’s god magazine interview of his holiness.

        if this guy were not this “christian” father/husband/actor he would be laughing at this and sending out two bouquets and laughing and learning life’s simple lessons on growing up.

      2. wow, so alcoholic who can’t handle liquor deserves humiliation. and then you criticise him because he belongs to a religion founded upon forgiveness. you are a walking, talking example of jack nicholson’s quote in “as good as it gets.”

        “i start with a man and i take away reason and accountability.”

      3. most tweets were not about alcohol. the only one that addressed sobriety directly was about confirming that the same person who claimed to be sober was in fact drunk. that’s just a simple confirmation. i know plenty of sober people who would be thankful for anyone calling them out on a relapse instead of enabling it.

  62. Fabulous, just fabulous. And all of Brian’s buds flocking here to call out the “cunt ” just encourage this story to travel further.

  63. Its not the cheating or the douchiness of Brian, its how he’s all “Jesus loves me more than you and he wants me to be super famey, let’s fuck.”

      1. only sometimes. many times, name calling is just shitty behavior by people who want to feel superior, and often judging doesn’t have to include name-calling at all.

  64. I support you girl! Why do fucker’s on here want to stick up for this man. I read the tweet stream of the plane incident, and it appears you were being tongue in cheek, but not nasty. alcoholic’s always seem to have people sticking up for them and maintaining the lie. I read his statement, release, and it is so full of crap. Christian my ass! Just like all the catholic priests, who molest, they’re wonderful Christians too?

    I think, the tweet that the fuckers are trying to use is the one where you ask have you ruined Brian’s life? Well screw him, his wife is in denial, unfortunately, he will lie his way through this, so no unfortunately you haven’t!


  65. I can’t believe all the people who are sooo concerned with predator Brian’s poor outcome. Honestly, he appears to be a creep, and dumber than a box of rocks. Melissa obviously has a knack for tweeting and writing about her life experiences, and people enjoy reading them. She didn’t even know who the jerk was until someone posted his link. And that was only because the dummy was foolish enough to spill all his info.

    That, and what a fake, glory hound “Christian” he is. I know he is human like the rest of us, but digging this hole deeper and deeper is ridiculous. Accountability? Hello?

  66. I just want to say I think he deserves everything he got. He’s a married man with kids and if he denied them, then they should deny him. Fair is fair.

    As for all the hate messages you’re getting. It’s a case of don’t shoot the messenger. I wonder how many times he did this before God “intercepted” him and judged him.

    Matthew 5:27-28

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to desire her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

    P.S. I don’t normally quote chapter and verse. In fact I never do, but I think the hypocrites should read it and stop defending the indefensible.

  67. שלום אני יהודי מ ארץ ישראל
    Hello Melissee I am a Jew from the Land of Israel…
    And i really have fun in the morning whise this story
    See how the Internet has a strong power!!!
    We look forward to your visit here in the Land of Israel…!!

  68. tfc has it right–dudeman is a hypocrite, and she called him out on his hypocrisy. Too bad his “fans” can’t deal with that and are acting in just as “unchristian” a manner as he was.

  69. This backlash is both hilarious and disturbing. Melissa didn’t set out to ruin anybody’s life. She sent some amusing tweets about a loser on a plane. I tweet stuff like that about losers on the subway all the time. Because it’s funny. The difference is, I don’t have thousands of followers who can look up those losers and happen to discover that they’re also huge hypocrites. And why shouldn’t she call him out on it once that’s discovered? He’s allowed to be a sleazy jerk, but she’s supposed to “take the high ground?” Publicly being a sleazy jerk is fine, but publicly embarrassing him for being a sleazy jerk is wrong? He’s a public persona, and we have this thing called the Internet, and if he was too dumb/drunk to remember that, tough luck on him. People get fired for posting drunken pictures of themselves on Facebook, i.e., stupid behavior, so stupid behavior is fair game. Actions have consequences, you know.

    And just because she’s a model posting this on Twitter doesn’t mean she’s an attention-whoring slut. If that’s your argument, you obviously don’t understand how Twitter works. The whole *purpose* of Twitter is “attention-whoring.” Why would anyone tweet at all if they didn’t expect someone else to read it? Being a model doesn’t automatically make her an attention-whore, either. If that’s your argument, then I expect an influx of nasty, uncalled-for comments on Bar Refaeli’s and Candice Swanepoel’s web pages any minute now. And being sexy doesn’t automatically make her a “slut” who probably came on to *him* and is really only mad that *he* rejected *her.* On a red-eye flight, I’d assume all she’d want to do is sleep. Also? No one, not even Melissa, has said a thing about Brian’s looks. I think that’s kind of significant.

    Last thing: That’s my name and my face up there next to my post, because when I call someone an asshole I’m not an anonymous coward about it, and everything I’ve written here is spelled correctly and grammatically correct.

  70. Brian got what he deserved. Trying to hit on a girl while wearing your wedding ring? Not so smart. It is unfortunate that he has successfully procreated. The gene pool takes another hit.
    F*cking Brian.

  71. Melissa, you are awesome, strong, funny, and wonderful. Don’t listen to the ridiculous, hyperbolic, hateful comments. His mess, his fault. If I were his wife, I would be thankful to know about this behavior. Anyone who thinks you are at fault for a married man hitting on you doesn’t deserve a second thought.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  72. until the captain said we could release our seat belts and feel free to roam the cabin did i know anything of melissa or brian. thanks to flying in 2012, i know more than i know of my next door neighbors.

    brian’s comment of being a soap opera star (stop it) claiming this saga would not be believable in that relm makes it even more believable.

    why does a christian man think that he has credibility? what part of of his profile makes him belieable? his eyes? his soap opera ability? his godliness?

  73. Brian’s pics are hot but too bad his personality doesn’t align and his dogma doesn’t hold water, I have zero doubt he made the moves. She’s witty as hell, I like her coarse humour and fearlessness, but I’d have left that name out of it. It would have been just as entertaining to leave Brian nameless, but wouldn’t have been such an invasion of privacy. I need and want privacy for myself so I can’t help but want it for others unless their behaviour affects the general public. And I am a big believer in karma – what goes around always comes back around.

  74. Why is everyone saying that his life is ruined? She just helped him speed up the inevitable and I don’t think his acting career will be any less mediocre. If anything, he’ll probably have some cable TV confessional about alcohol and make the most money from any acting gig he has ever done. His show reel will get the most views it ever has today and if Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods are still getting pay cheques then you know this is not a career ruining moment. But what will probably happen is both people will become yesterday’s news, her followers will slowly unfollow as they realise she has nothing of substance to say and this event will not help either with sever lack of talent.

  75. What I found amusing was Melissa’s disinterested piss-taking at the LA-speak that he was taking so seriously…the name dropping, “collabo”, “craft”, “artist” etc in an obviously desperate attempt to be seen as part of the Hollywood in-crowd.

    Was he wanting to be admired, envied or asked about other stars he might know in breathy tones of the starfucker?

    If we generously give him the benefit of the doubt that he was not really trying to hit on her, these lame conversational skills are a crime.

    Melissa certainly showed her disdain for his tedious and one-sided monologue and perhaps that is her only crime. Girl, you need to be more respectful of Hollywood royalty.

  76. I am not clear as to how to say anything else, other than reply to post 174.
    One, Brian is not a douche, and all those other words, and, Melissa is not a cunt, and all those other words..
    Two people had a let’s call it mysterious encounter on a red eye first class flight, she said TWEETED, (apparently in real time), he said ,FACEBOOKED, day after, different versions..
    So, I vote for, put it to rest..
    The whole thing is loaded with let’s take it further, I say, take it further as play, whoever, write a SNL skit or a movie script, do not create a scenario where people are invested in making some kind of war..

  77. Dear Melissa,
    I came to your blog to see how a tweet could blow up a marriage or a career. Just not possible. Neither will happen due to your tweets. Some haters seem to grant you a lot of power: evil tweet wand destroys innocent man? Some haters are just ridiculous: gratuitous name calling on the Internet takes zero courage and even less thought. Few of these kinds of haters would ever say anything remotely as uncouth as they reply here. It is why we say “polite conversation” and why we have words like vulgar, hateful, uncouth, shameful, shameless, and repugnant. Brian was hoisted by his own petard and not your tweets. As he sat next to you and perhaps more than flirted, he was building his own petard to at least call attention to you that things weren’t well on the home front or that he was drinking again and his references to his Christianity were really shout out louds to himself, a mantra of sorts, maybe in the face of temptation. Something might change in his life because of your tweets or maybe not. It is hard for people to change who they are. Even with religious conversion or the twelve steps. It will be hard for Brian’s partner to put up with flirting or worse, but many partners do. If Brian is worthy of defending, let’s say he is just a flawed man, as most are, but really not a bad man, then even he will see his part in having created this drama. If he is just a douchey guy, then this will not be the last time he stumbles or steps in it. In Saroyan’s play and film The Time Of Your Life, the main character reminds us that “every man (and may I politely add every woman) are versions of yourself.” Next time you encounter something that could be said rather than tweeted, you can always say it first, and then depending on what happens, tweet about it later. There is nothing that needs to be said this instant that couldn’t stand a little deliberative thought (a friend used to say, as if the brain were actually engaged). From your other blogs, I can tell you are a good writer, with your brain actually engaged, introspective, and perhaps maybe only a bit too self-aware. That works great for humor, and for the occasionally sexually provocative things you interject, but often skirts deeper insights that result from compassion and sensitivity, rather than just lashing out. There but for the grace of god, go I. The haters and supporters who make this episode black and white and enlarge it beyond its core meaning miss what started it all: just two humans having a conversation, one of them not aware that the other wasn’t really engaged, the other not confident enough to say, “I’m so sorry, I need to get some sleep” or “pardon me, I have some personal communications to take care of. Thanks but no thanks.” Apart from this episode, you should be writing more and maybe you are. Short stories, short humor pieces, screenplays; don’t let the tweeting and blogging sidetrack you from letting the artist and photographer in you out in a big way. And ditch the Zoloft.

  78. Melissa, ONE simple question as I am not used to get on a plane, only once in a while. and I am not sure anyone has ever thought about this or have the answer. will be glad if anyone does:

    What is that airline name that do offers internet for you to tweet on mobile while you’re thousands away from the skies? I thought for safety purposes during any flights, domestic or international (not sure about private planes), mobile phones has to be off or in airflight mode.

    Do share with us. 🙂

  79. Kind of a childish thing to do. It’s certainly not worth the heroic reverence that some comments show for it here. Frankly, I think worse of the female D-list celebrity who did this, rather than the male D-list celebrity she is trying to make fun of.

  80. i feel like if she was on her phone the whole time and just nodding and phasing in and out of the conversation, that he should have gotten the message. also he could have been some totally random guy and not someone mildly famous, and no one would give a shit. he also chose to hit on her regardless of the fact he’s married. she also didn’t know he had problems with drugs and/or alcohol before, and called him out on his wedding ring right from the beginning. i really have to side with melissa on this one!

  81. Before we condemn Melissa we need to know more about what it’s like to be her in the situation she was in. Pretty women do indeed get totally sick of lying married guys trying to get in their pants. I can see how one might finally decide to teach one a lesson who shows back up after a trip to the washroom without his wedding ring. OTOH, she may have missed an opportunity to teach him a lesson more effectively by telling him about her internet presence and how easily she could have chosen to take advantage of his visibility to ruin him and elevate her own visibility, thus demonstrating just how much fire he was actually playing with and how close he came to public humiliation and ruin in his relationship and career. Must admit that would have been more kind as well. Evenso, though both could have behaved better, in reality I have to go with Melissa’s as the better character over Brian’s. She betrayed no one’s trust, especially a spouse’s, and she was under no obligation to protect Brian from himself.

  82. I’m having a hard time seeing this as him hitting on her. Flirting? Yes. He never once propositioned her. IF, (and only if; I have my doubts) this is the story exactly as it happened, he took the flirting way too far by taking off his wedding ring. But he obviously didn’t have the balls to even ASK anything. So I’d say he’s an idiot for sure. And that annoying guy you pray you don’t get seated next to on an airplane. But “dirt bag” is a little much. If I heard this story about my husband, I’d probably A) only believe half of it, B) be super pissed about the other half C) get the fuck over it and definitely not end my marriage over it and D) wish I never knew about it because literally nothing happened, and it would just make me upset for no reason.

    However Stetten comes across as a complete narcissistic bitch. Trying to make someone look like an idiot almost always results in making yourself look like an idiot.

  83. Why don’t you write a story about how Cumia kicked your ass to the curb? What will you do when this burst of pseudo fame is over? Oh that’s right, you’ll start writing again about how hard your life is…You’re getting your 15 extra minutes bc of that site, not some nobody, former C-lister. Vindictive cunt, I believe, is what anthony kept saying…

  84. I wonder how many of the hater comments here are actually from Brian making up user names…. I kinda think it’s about 80%. And 18% of the remainder are his dumbass friends.

  85. I have fun with, cause I discovered exactly what I was having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  86. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog! gfdgedfdceaf

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